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These are my Drawing enjoy them they are drawn with :heart:! I draw diffrerent series, cartoons, Anime and and and....also shows that are not very popular haha ;P

PS: I am not really an OC Artist so I draw Fanart only...maybe someday maybe :D

All rights belong to their respective owner!


My Favs....Love Fanart :love:


:iconconanpunczi: :iconcutsiepie95: :iconsonamy4everlove1: :iconimagine-a-frenzy: :iconthepaletteapplejack: :icontails-275: :iconaustria-gentleman: :iconbecauseiamalexandra: :iconjulietteturpin: :icondarthwill3: :iconeternal-illusion151: :iconperrytheplatypusgirl: :iconariahdawn: :iconrainbowyoshi305:




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Requests Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx

For these who want to now who I am lol:
I'm a girl who loves drawing, why? Because when I draw i am in my own little world and that is pretty amazing!
I Love food, seriously i think without it i would die, especially italian food ;P
I Love listening to music, but who does not xD
I Love my little sister who also is here on DA ->BecauseIamAlexandra :heart:
Together we Are Zucchini Sisters xD
And of course I Love my Family, my Mum and Daddy :heart: Yes and I am 18 and proud of it and you should too!
That's it haha xD

Now feel free to comment on my works I will reply all of them and will accept your opinion so don't be scared :D
If you have questions simply ask me I
don t bite you ;P
Hope you all like my drawings.....have fun with them fav them or comment, but like I said don t steal them!
By the way if you want to use one of my drawings for i don t know a video or a meme, make sure you ask me for it! :)

Biggest wish: Visit usa flag by radu-rotten

My favourite line:
I live in Germany but my heart beats for ITALY!!!!!

And most Improtant: Always keep smiling cause that makes your day sweeter :heart: If your life isn't amazing than make it Amazing!!!

Languages I can speak:
Germany Stamp by phantomItaly Stamp by phantomUK by phantom

Now Stampattack hurray:
teddy stamp by findyQXD Stamp by MimiMarieTWhy I hate my phone by iDJPandaArt stamp by ColleenekatStampsMusic Stamp by SeviYummyStamp elsa let it go by HavickArtEmoticons Stamp by SeviYummypika pika dance by RoxasPikachuFav it maybe? by StampMakerLKJCute Tablet user Stamp by VocaloidStampsIt's Better To Be Kind by Rebi-ValeskaTake a moment to be by Rebi-ValeskaListen close by Rebi-ValeskaI prefer to agree to disagree by Colliequestbeliefs by ColliequestPopumorality ? by Deep-StrikeA bad drawer is NOT a bad artist. by Deep-StrikeRandomness! .:Stamp:. by Stamps-For-Youstamp I Love rain by HavickArtDaydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJSTARfish Stamp by mylastelI Wanna Be Happy Stamp by mylastelI Like Being Myself by mylastelDream stamp by smilekeeperNo Ordinary People by delusional-dreamsTo err is human, to forgive is divine by jonarificStart your day with a smile by jonarificBest Gifts To Give Stamp by mylastelBrave, Strong, and Humble by FelisTipsyChocolate makes me Happy! by stickfigures123Different... by sirocco-rcLaughs... by sirocco-rcI Heart Music by sirocco-rcInnerchild Stamp by KawaiiSteffuMake it Shine -STAMP- by CleoMeleeMake Pasta Not War stamp 2. by UnstableTableIo Parlo Italiano by MyStampsProud to be Italian by WearwolfaaI love Italian food Stamp by ChibikaedeI love pasta by Claire-stampsWoman that knows by Claire-stampsThanks for visitin by k-neloI love Pokemon: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNekoDespicable me by MariaPereiraThis counts as annoying. Despicable Me stamp by MariaPereiraminion stamp by vitaminanimeI love Minions Stamp by Thoxiic-EditionsGroovy Minion by AdrianaFilipBuh-Nan-Uhh by azianwolfdollBugs Bunny Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyDaffy Duck fan stamp by queenzelda01Bolt Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyBolt by Tifa22We belong together by Tifa22I love Rhino by Tifa22Dodger Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyOliver and Company: Dodger by AngelKittahOliver and Company: Oliver by AngelKittahRatatouille - Modest Remy by VilyaneTangled - Stay Calm by VilyaneTangled kiss stamp by 1FoxyladyTangled: I love Flynn by VilyaneTangled - Flynn: Wake Up II by VilyaneTangled Stamp II by 1FoxyladyTangled: I love Rapunzel by VilyanePhineas+Ferb Lindana Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanCandace Stamp by L-monPhineas Stamp by L-monFerb Stamp by L-monHIMYM fandom stamp by sahwarI love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipiistamp: iCarly trio by SimbiAniDrake and Josh Stamp by Yagonisuit up by TumeloBarney Stamp by Kumagorochansheldon- big bang theory stamp by scribblinPOTC: Jack Sparrow II by Claire-stampsChip 'n dale stamp by FreezingIceKirbyAstro Fan Stamp by DragaraJar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yumeJack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottiePotC .Captain Jack Sparrow stamp by MariaPereiraspongebob stamp by raspberryred.:PnF stamp 1:. by dannyphantom300Modern Tails love by xRubiMalonexShadow Stamp by CriWolfyHero stamp by SatoharuDaikariFerbs beach by Aletheiia90Victorious+Rent by LaurytheLatratorSatoHaru - Stamp by FreeStampspenguinshipping stamp by Lilith-Ichijouji Ash x Serena stamp by SonicandErikfanPnF - Phinbella Stamp by sam-ely-emberFerb x Vanessa Stamp by Aletheiia90Astro and Cora Stamp by Dragarabori by kendallov34Sonamy Stamp by CutiePageantCreamxTails Stamp by Claire-StarswordShadouge Stamp by inlovewithshadougeRanma Stamp - RanmaAkane 022 by hanaktUkyo and Ryoga Stamp by InuRanmaHalfStamp for Jack+Liz fans by JackxLiz-fansAnd While I'm At It by firestar21Sakura and Shaoran stamp 2 by Numbuh9Rockman X Roll stamp by SatoharuDaikariMeiru X Netto stamp by SatoharuDaikariTyHil stamp by sakura02Koushiro x Mimi Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiStamp: Tai x Sora by UchihaAkioDigiPrize: Takari Stamp by Lady-RyuuXX87Dumpling Stamp by crystal-of-ixTakumi Stamp by SpadaStampsDisney Couples by HBP12

Liz Gillies Fan:
Liz Gillies Stamp by SandraSandra11
Liz Gillies I by VahnillaTwielightLiz Gillies- Black and white by ella-x14Liz Gillies - Edition #1. by iamvitoorLiz Gillies Photo Edit #2 by HeyItsSkinnyLiz Gillies PNG by Rachelle173Liz Gillies BDay project by Lessageliz gillies by JadeCatCarlySamBeach Time by lillullabyblue

Ariana Grande Fan:
Ariana by ThePrettiestSaladAriana Grande Support Stamp by hyuga-hime
Bloodlust: A Victorious Fanfic by twigirl623Ariana Grande by TransgenicLoveAriana Grande, Display by hayleywjbieberAriana Grande Blend // Wallpaper . by NesttlesAriana Grande Blend // Wallpaper . by NesttlesAriana Grande Frame by KFXFMM

Selena Gomez:
selena gomez by awesomestyleSelena-Stamp by CandyCupcake13Stamp - Selena Gomez Fan by Silliest-SarahSelena Gomez Stamp by EckilsaxI love Selena Gomez stamp by muddyputty


Super Mario by SandraSandra11
Super Mario
I always wanted to draw Super Mario in my style, and so I did. I absolutely Love this Game (who wouldn't?) it's part of my childhood with various times where I almost throw my Nintendo against the wall cause of being stuck at the same level. Ahh good memorie.All Toads are now with you Wait with Peach Mario needs a team Luigi is now with you 

Background and wall are not mine!
Spooky Halloween by SandraSandra11
Spooky Halloween
Spooky Halloween fellows and DA! My intention was it to draw an Victorious Halloween one too but it costs so much time and effort. The costume ideas, so much persons and then coloring it oh oh oh... well maybeRDJ Maybe PLZ  For now enjoy :crazy 
C'est Amour by SandraSandra11
C'est Amour
So this sweet drawing is for my little muffin here :iconbecauseiamalexandra: I absolutely love how this turned out!O_O:heart:  

Go all Gaga Sis haha (she be like this)--> :randomlaugh: <----(Me: omg)

I still Love this movie like no end. And currently have the mood to watch it again cause Ariana Grande actually covered the song Zero To Hero (check it out it's amazing).
Also While drawing this I (obvious) listened to I won't say I'm in Love and it was so relaxing. Really enjoyable. :groove: revamp 
Anyway I did an Advanceshipping version of this but it's an older one though. Cutie Shrug

Background is not mine its an actual screenshot from the movie. So thank Walt Disney for it!

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